Strategic Partners

My Financial Coach - a digitally based financial planning solution guided by CFP® professionals and extended subject matter expertise such as services from RBR Insurance. If you have workplace benefits such as HSAs, deferred compensation plans, and different life insurance offerings, a coach will help you understand how to use your benefits to your advantage. Get access to technology that provides visual representations of your spending, retirement projections, goal completions (such as saving for a wedding or a vacation), allocates all of your financial and investment accounts in one place, as well as a “digital vault” where deeds, birth certificates etc. are safe from any disaster.  Learn More

Milton Park Partners - helping small businesses, self-employed and independent contracted physicians gain access to “fortune 500 benefits at an affordable cost”  Learn More

Benefits Science Technologies - a cutting edge advanced data analytics platform that provides tools and resources or better health plan cost management. We have invested money, time, and resources into this unique technology to help our clients identify waste in their health spend and reduce plan costs.  Learn More

Reclaim Health - a health, insurance, and technology app that allows users to better understand their out-of-pocket health spend, make more informed decisions about their care, decide which health plan options is the best fit during enrollment, and ultimately assists them in transitioning to Medicare supplemental plans at retirement. We have invested money, time, and resources in this unique technology to help our clients become more educated consumers of healthcare services and reduce their out-of-pocket costs.  Learn More

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