Corporate Insurance Strategies

We assist our clients in developing asset protection and wealth transfer insurance strategies that are coordinated with the business plan and executive benefits. Executive strategies include:

  • KEY PERSON LIFE INSURANCE- protects your business from financial losses upon the death of a key employee critical to business operations. Key person insurance can function as a form of commercial loan protection and can provide needed funds when a business is to be continued, sold, or liquidated.
  • EXECUTIVE LIFE INSURANCE- provides selective employees with executive life insurance as part of their benefit package. Employer-paid premiums are fully tax deductible as compensation to the executive with death benefits paid directly to the employers beneficiary
  • KEY PERSON BUY OUT AGREEMENT- this ensures a seamless business and stock transfer solution upon the death of a key owner. This strategy allows a key person to ensure the life of an owner under the arrangement that the owner agrees to sell all of his business interest to the key person upon the owners death.
  • RESTRICTIVE BONUS PLAN – Offers an attractive “golden handcuff” to key employees with a restrictive bonus plan life insurance benefit. Tax deductible employer-paid premiums and restrictive employer endorsements protect corporate interests during the life time of the employee
  • DEFERRED COMPENSATION – Allows selected management and highly-compensated employees to defer income until after retirement. Deferred compensation insurance offers multiple tax advantages to both the employer and participant.
  • CORPORATE OWNED LIFE INSURANCE (COLI) – RBR will assist the client in developing a customized COLI solution to fit the specific needs of the company.
  • BANK OWNED LIFE INSURANCE (BOLI) – The expenses involved in providing employee benefits plans are a major overhead component for most banks. Any financing tool that can lower or stabilize this cost is of great value to the bank and RBR can assist banks in developing a strategy using BOLI as a solution.

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