401(K) Programs

At RBR, we believe that the team approach provides the best possible service for your plan. Our clients have used our expertise in helping design and develop retirement solutions that meets the needs of the company and their employees. Our analysis of the 401(k) plan incorporates five critical components:

  1. Plan Review: Analysis of the plan to confirm it’s competitive in its design, benefits, and features
  2. Investment Analysis: This thorough analysis includes determining if your investment process is aligned with your investment policy; designing a manageable, repeatable process for selecting, monitoring, and replacing investments, as well as an investment review for items like asset allocation and demographics.
  3. Plan Services Review: We will review your plan to determine if it maintain an annual communication and action plan and provides employee education services to maximize participation and education. We will also review the plan to understand and assess needs and gaps, based upon participation, demographics, utilization, and asset allocation.
  4. Vendor Review and Expense Analysis: This includes a review of fees, vendor services, and investments, as well as overseeing the RFP process as an unbiased expert and orchestrating orchestrate vendor selection and managing any necessary changes.
  5. Fiduciary Oversight: We will ensure that there is a manageable and repeatable process, that the plan is managed in the employees’ best interest and to minimize against the risk of large loss that proper documentation ins maintained, and that the investment policy is in DOL-compliance.

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